Monday, February 23, 2009

Week End Shenanigans

Well, Friday night was a regular evening. Nothing fancy. Woke up Saturday morning, piddled around the house. Cooked breakfast with my daughter. Actually SHE did the cooking , i did the cleaning. Made bisquits (frozen kind), scrambled eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. It was yummy & I did the dishes immediately. (which for me, is not normal, I am far from the domestic goddess I am often mistaken for!) Anyway...DD#2 came home & returned my car. Mid-afternoon I decided we needed to go to Wal Mart to get something to cook for supper. Well DD#2 volunteers to make broccolli beef & noodles , but I need to go get it all....okay no problem. I drag DD#1 with me.
While we are standing in the checkout line and nearly finsihed getting everything bagged, my cell rings...DD#2 is on the phone & i tell her that we're on our way & she says "DADDY JUST HAD AN ACCIDENT & HE BLEEDING BAD" I told her to meet us at the Emergency room. Since we were in town, we got there first. DD#2 & her boyfreind arrive at the E/R with Prince Charming who has his right hand swaddled in a white dish towel. The bleeding had stopped, but he mangled that fingertip really, really, really BAD. Did I say it was REALLY bad? If I wasn't a nervous wreck, I'd have fainted. Prince Charming was calm, said it wasn't as bad as it looked. I sent the girls home - still don't understand WHY DD#1 took my car & didn't ride home with DD#2 so that I would have something to drive home in......but okay....we spend 2 hours in the E/R. Took x-rays. Didn't break the index finger, didn't mash it flat, didn't chip the bone. But he tore off the whole pad off his finger under the nail. It was nasty. nasty. The doctor filled the finger full of lanacane (sp?) and cleaned it up (Prince Charming is covered in saw dust & wood shavings....) then he gets his tweezers out & starts trying to patch his finger flesh together. Prince Charming ended up with 14 stitches. In the tip of his finger! He'll probably loose his fingernail. We don't know if that will be permanent. He'll probably have permanent nerve damage. AND the flesh that the Dr. sewed all back together might NOT graft, in which case all that flesh that tore off & he sewed back on, might die & he'd essentially have 1/2 the finger. It's just the tip though. like from the edge, under his nail, below the bone & all above the little crease at the very top of his finger. He goes to see another doctor for a follow up tomorrow. He's been very strong about all this, if it were me, I can't even speculate how I'd have handled this.
All I have been doing since Saturday night is thanking God for so many things. Thank you , God, for having Ryan home. thank you, God, for not losing his finger. Thank you, God, for meaty fingers. Thank you, God, for medical care. Thank you,God, for insurance. thank you , God, for antibiotics. Thank you, god, for PAIN PILLS. Thank you, God, for stitches. thank You , God, it was only one finger.
I'm still saying thank you today.
So? you want to know what he was doing? Actually not doing anything wrong. He was feeding a peice of oak through (along) a roman ogee bit in the router. the bit hit a knot, kicked the wood & instead of letting it fly, he tried to grab it. The wood won. Tore his finger up. We're getting an additional feather board. Period.
he won't let me take pictures. I don't blame him, it hurts, his pride too. And really, it's nasty. I'm cleaning it & bandaging it twice a day. I'm not a doctor, & I'm nto a nurse. It sure looks better than it did on Saturday. But I really don't think that skin is grafting. We'll know more as he heals.

On a lighter note! (Is there one after all that?) I finished quilting my Star Struck Quilt. I serged the edges & I have the binding the sewn on & have the binding more than half way sewn down! DD#1 spent a bunch of time last night finding clipart to make a label. She found a nice scrolly thing (like that description?) and she printed it out. So If I wasnt posting, I'd be sewing the rest of the binding down right now....

Sunday, we were all scheduled to go house hunting w/ DD#1 - only I went. We looked at 8 houses! found some really good contenders too.

And THAT my friends, was my weekend.



Barb said...

Wow, that was some week-end and I am sure your gratitude and thankfulness runs over and I know that our Heavenly Father appreciates the prayers of thanks, sometimes we forget the thank you and only ask. Can't wait to see the quilt. Glad your husband is not worse off and I hope his skin grafts.

Chris said...

Ah, those kinds of injuries make me woozey. I remember when my husband slipped off the back of j=his work truck, tried to grab something to hold on, and tore his hand open. Why won't they just let go???

The Calico Quilter said...

Oh good grief! That's awful, but you're right - it could have been much worse than a finger, although a finger is bad enough. Hope he's feeling better soon. Woodworking will get you sooner or later, it seems. Nearly everyone I know that has a wood shop has a story like this. Years ago we were routing an edge on the kitchen wainscotting boards for our previous house, and the board kicked out of the router table and flew all the way across the basement. It was sobering to see how much energy was released. Luckily, neither of us was standing in its way. These things are unpredictable, no matter how careful you are.

Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

Awww.. I hate to hear he hurt his finger. Give him a hug from me. Hugs tend to make everything better... along with good medical attention. :)