Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ta-Da !

Completely finished.

That's NOT my dog. That's my Grand-Dog. The dog is "Cheese". DD#1 is in Arizona this weekend and since she's not home, he's my shadow. Literally.

I am not a label maker. As a matter-of-fact, since I don't like making labels, I have more than a few that don't have labels. Well, about 10:30 last night I remembered that I had purchased some high-dollar photo transfer pages. I bought them in September 2007. (why do I remember this? Because it was during the quilt walk, and it wasn't the one in 2008) This paper has fabric adherred to it & all you have to do is run it through your printer. any printer. The paper is designed for those photo memory quilts. So you can transfer photos to the fabric, peel the paper and make quilt blocks...

Anyway........I get this brilliant idea ( at 10:30 at night ) to TRY this stuff out. Well, the first challenge was finding the stuff. 11:00, I found it. I'm not a computer genious, so I didn't fiddle with "clip art" or anything. I just got into "Word" and fiddled with the fonts and came up with what I stuck on my quilt. It worked incredibly well. I doubted how well it would work, so I printed 2 (turned the page upside down & printed another "label" on the other end!) and the 2nd one I made I cut off the page & peeled the paper off the fabric, and stuck it in the washer. At midnight.....

Wonder of wonders! It worked. Didn't fade, didn't run. So the first label I made, I sewed on the back of my quilt, and washed it this morning. And now it's on my bed.

Ta-Da !!!

I made a few other labels for quilts that I know #1 when I made & #2 needed a label.

Oh ! the paper is called Color Plus Fabrics. From
I got from a vendor at a quilt show, so i know nothing about any other products. Just a shameless plug for a product that I used, works well & I liked it.


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Barb said...

Wow, I love it and the pillow cases go so nicely with it...awesome job!!