Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Gift to SELF

This is what I bought for me, for my birthday. My birthday was last month, but I bought them this month.
Hey? I had to justify the expense somehow, right? And what better way than to say " Happy Birthday to ME"

that is a standard size rotary cutter , set there for size comparison. These little figurines are actually "book ends", there is a plug on thier bottoms to fill with them with sand. As much as these little sweeties cost me, they will NOT be holding books. Ever. Holding dust perhaps, but not books. they will jsut sit there on my shelf in my studio, where I can enjoy them best.



Kat said...

I love the bookends. They are adorable... what is the fabric line with the children playing this reminds me of?

Diva Quilts said...

My mother had several figurines like that. They're Hummel figures aren't they?

So pretty!