Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Saturday !

Today was a simply gorgeous day! the sun didn't actually SHINE until nearly 3 PM, but it was 60 degrees today. It was splendid in comparison to the past 2 weeks. Of course, since the temperature changed so dramatically so quickly, my ALLERGIES acted up, which means I spent the day alternatley sneezing & blowing my nose. However, I feel like my sinus discomfort was worth it for the day I spent....
It's late as I create this post, so I'll post photos when I get to it...but I went to Franklin today & purchased a green Thimbleberries print for the Star Struck Quilt. I just didnt like what I found in my stash....the one I bought today has a gold tone to it & little gold fluer d'lis (probably get that jargon right...) on it & it compliments the quilt VERY well. I also bought 4 Christmas prints. DD#1 went with me & we chose some really awesome colors. 1 light, 1 red & 1 green & 1 green red gold swirl. All 4 were from the "Christmas" section. This shop has Christmas Prints, year round......Bolts & bolts 7 Bolts of Christmas prints.....
I also got 4 red fat quarters & 4 blue fat quarters. All this from Stitcher's Garden. they are not cheap, but they have more fabric than any shop I have ever been in! AND I like thier new store. The owner said it was smaller than the "other" shop - I didn't see how it was smaller, but then I'm not there everyday either, right?
Then we went to Hobby Lobby. I bought a green butterfly print for the backing of the baby quilt (pictured in the post below) , I bought 2 types of batting too.
I have Warm & Natural on the roll for my long arm , which I really like to quilt on, but I like the drape of the Hobbs Poly Down. I used a 40% off coupon for the battings. Oh! the Other batting is from Fairfield & it's suppposed to be "designed" for machine quilting. I bought that batt with a coupon too. DD#1 bought one & I bought the other. They don't let you use 2 coupons.....At any rate, i also bought some cotton yarn & 2 booklets to knit dishcloths.
After that, we came home, I took an antihistamine & we took a nap. Prine Charming was working in the basement shop onthe Entertainment Unit. (which is going to be GORGEOUS !!!)
That was my day!
i would be sewing the binding on the Log Cabin this evening- but I am very reluctant to sew while taking antihistamins....I am SO sensitive to meds, and I have a medicine head right now.....(but hey, that COULD be used as an excuse for my rotten spelling, right?)
Oh ! I almost forgot. I won an auction today for something I have been trying a LONG time to get. I got a Hummel. No, I dont' collect them. Not in the technical sense of "collect" anyway. I just really like specific figures. I have no intention of starting a collection of figurines....but I DID decide I wanted a FEW. And I got 2 today. I can't wait to get them. I am SO excited. I got the boy & girl "Book Worms". I originally saw the "girl" half of this duo in a Fons & Porter Quilt magazine ,it was in the background of some baby quilt photo - can't even tell you which issue, or which quilt, I just like the Hummel & and just melted when I saw it. I HAD to have it. Or one, or the pair. Well I got the the pair! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! Honestly? I couldn't tell a newer one from an older one....but, regardless, I got what I wanted! When I get them, ya'll will see them too. I want to put them in my longarm room on the wall shelf. Again, I have NO desire to have a Hummel Collection. None. But there are 2 more I want. The boy & the girl (separate figurines) with the Umbrella. Where it looks like the wind is blowing on their back & they are sitting ??? You know the one I mean? Well, I want those two too. I figure it won't be any time soon, as it took me about a year , or better, to get the Book a price I was okay with paying....

Time for sleep!


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