Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gift from BFF

you know what?
I am a very blessed person.
My BFF, Donna, in CA sent me a quilt gift.
Not a pattern.
Not a book.
Not fabric.
She sent me a QUILT.
Do you know how many times that has happened?
This time makes the first time.

I hung it in my studio where I can enjoy it the best. I don't know that WHERE I have it hung will be it's permanent residing place, but I wanted to see it hung, so I put it right there! Donna also made a table runner for me, which I think I use on my dresser (because the furry friends dont' get up there...) instead of the table. Besides, I use my dresser a lot more than I use our dining table....AND she sent me a hankerchief. (Which I have been carrying with me!)
Isn't she GRAND?



Barb said...

wow, lucky you!! Looks great where you put it....

Kat said...

Are those tea cups? What a sweet friend! I agree with Barb... you picked a great spot for it... looks great!

Chris said...

Isn't that nice? Sometimes I will get a quilt in the mail... but I had to pay for it!