Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Projects This Week

Monday I made 2 pillow cases to match my Log Cabin Quilt. They came out nice.

And, though i didn't make them THIS week, here are 24 (you're not seeing all 24....)of the Night & Day Blocks. I lack making 22 more. I dont' know if it will only take 46 blocks , or if 46 blocks are too many. I'm winging it. I like them & they look a little different than I normally make. When it's a quilt, I'll like the blocks even better! ha ha !

How do you like that sewing table? That was an old kitchen table that my sister was going to throw out. It had a crack in it. the crack was in a very good place. At least for me! I put the cover of my sewing machine on the table & traced around it & cut the hole out with a jig-saw. I built a 3 sided box under the table with "L" brackets and VOILA! A sewing table.

I have 3 sewing types of sewing machines. Whichever one I happen to be using (I primarily use one of my 4 Featherweights), if the bed isn't level with the table, I just stack magazines under it. Works like a charm. the table was free, my labor was free, and the wood was free. I think I spent $2 on the "L" brackets.



Jackie said...

Looks like a productive week!

What a creative way to recycle! I love the idea that everything was FREE!

Fiesta said...

your night and day blocks are very nice.

Kacie said...

Hi, Sam! I love the Night and Day blocks! Thanks also for pointing to the tutorial for these blocks on the Quilt Hollow blog - that is super helpful and makes these N&D blocks sound easy-peasy. I hope you don't mind that I shared your blocks with the community on the Night and Day block page. Thanks for your inspiration!

Chernal said...

I love that quilt and the design for both of them. I absolutely love the fabric for the pillow cases. Can we get an up close picture of that and do you know what set that fabric came from? Nice job btw!!