Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally Quilted

I have waited since this time last week, but I got the "O" rings for the stitch regulator wheels on my longarm machine & I was able to finish quilting my Log Cabin Quilt. It turned out so nice! I used a floral patterned backing. It's directional, and I don't usually buy directional prints...but I liked this one! The quilt is a huge square, so i am sure the backing being directional won't bother anyone! Not even me.
I quilted it with a thread called Maroon Glace. It's sort of a rosie brown. It blends exceptionally well. It is my most used color (except ecru). I need to re-oder some soon. Since the quilt was browns, it was a very good choice.
Soon as it is bound & has a label on it, I'll post pictures.
I am POSITIVE that DD#1 will offer to "break it in" for me. Isn't she sweet?
Since I couldn't quilt over the weekend, like I had intended, I started & finished a baby quilt. Only it's a BIG baby quilt. Not the baby, the quilt. Remember the green Star Struck Quilt? Well I had peices of the green & cream strips left over & I sewed them into 4-Patch blocks. The blocks do not even have the same green or cream in them. I set the 4-Patch blocks on point with alternate squares of a cream print. I bordered it with a solid brown & then a green/brown floral. It's really nice. I like it a LOT. It's not very girl-lie, and it's not little. Good thing that babies get bigger because this "baby" quilt should las tthe kid until she's 10 years old. Soon as I get it quilted & bound, it will mailed to Alabama to my friend, Melody, that just had a baby girl last week. I think the baby's name is Brindlee. Maybe, I can't remember....
As you can see in the photos, it's pretty big....It is currently un-quilted, and that's a full size bed that it's spread out on! Hey! I did this on the "fly". No pattern, nothing...I just did it! I am sure they'll love it!


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Barb said...

Wow, I love it!!! glad you got your longarm working. I want one...some day!!