Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning ! Learning!

Just added a "gadget" to my blog!


I added a gadget for where I shop!

I won't post any websites/stores on here if I have NOT used them.

So far - the ONLY one I have on there is my buddy Kyra. She is a personal friend. I have known her many years. We had the pleasure of working with one another for several years.

We electronically correspond with each other frequently - I sure miss her company. I also miss going to dinner together druing the week.

She has toddlers & they are SO CUTE! Give me baby urges. Good thing there is a grandbaby headed my way!


1 comment:

Kyra's Quilter's Fabric Stash said...

Thank You for the add on Sam!
I miss our Tuesday nite Happy China dinners to!!!