Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Busy - No Sewing - Picaso - I am not!

Last weekend, DD#1 & Prince Charming & I started work on the purple room. We got both coats of primer on but did not get any paint on.

So On Monday night, after work, I painted the trim work & rolled the first coat of "yellow" on the walls.

Tuesday - my shoulder hurt too bad to do any painting. Wednesday, after work, I put coat #2 on it. Thursday, Prince Charming & I pulled up the plastic & blue tape. i vacuumed really well & we put the furniture back in it.

Let's just say: I do not miss the purple. Not one little bit.

Friday, after work, I went to Ace Hardware & got 2 more gallons of the yellow "moonlight" paint for the 2nd spare bedroom.

Saturday, we went to Lowe's & got some new rollers, i did laundry (thanks to my washer being in working order again!) and I took a nice long nap.

SUNDAY - well Sunday - we got busy again. First of all, it's rained all day. Not hard, but steady. A very good day to spend napping...but NNNNNOOOOOoooooo, I wanted to paint.

We emptied the 2nd bedroom, and put all the furniture into the old purple room, laid down plastic & I started putting the first coat of paint on the trim. I say "trim", but it's below the crown molding & above the baseboards. Since the crown moulding & the baseboards are already a high gloss white - they're staying that. We got lucky & didn't have to prime this room because it's already sort of a yellow - but it's a baby poop mustard yellow - I didn't like it - so it's getting painted the SAME "Moonlight" yellow as the OTHER room. Prince Charming rolled the walls. We started the 2nd coat around 4 & finished at 6. I closed the door & am leaving it like that until Monday. I am tired of painting and after you look at such a light color for so long - you can't see where you've been....

I love that Benjamin Moore paint. Expensive - but well worth it. $44 a gallon. Let's just say - you get what you pay for. I like GOOD paint.

"Moonlight" is a very livable yellow. In Alabama , I had it in my kitchen & in my downstairs guest room. however - the house in Alabama had dark wood stained trim around the windows & the baseboards were dark wood too and the ceilings were textured. It was nice - & it made the yellow seem a little darker - since THIS house has high gloss white trim (basboards & crown moulding and white ceilings)the yellow seems so much lighter...but I STILL love it.

Next up for paint? Can't decide betweent he dining room or the master bedroom. The dining room is currently RED. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red. But let me tell you - you can not go "themeless" with a red dining room. Can't put green in there or it looks like Christmas - Can't put blue or white in there or it looks like the 4th of July. While I like both holidays, the red is so dark that it looks like a cave off the kitchen. Sot he RED is going.

For the dining room - I found a page int he latest Paula Deen magazine that I am going to try & recreate. So , the dining room is going green. Sage Green. On the LIGHT side of Sage. Green plaid curtains, and light colored chair seat covers. I'll need a rug for under the table. And I am keeping the lower part the high gloss white that it is. This is what I am going to try to do - only I have only ONE window - and obviously - my dining room is NOT this large - I am NOT buying new furniture either - AND I am not going to put the dingle balls on the curtains (I figure that's just asking for the cat to play with them and dust to live!!!) AND since I have a nice custom set of Levelor Blinds, I won't have the green shade I am going to SORT OF copy this idea!! The picture at the top - is what I am going to try & RE-CREATE - NOT what I have aleady done.....

For the master bedroom? No clue. I just know that that dark green depresses me. Seriously. It's just too dark. Green is okay - just not hunter green. Not for me. That color compliments my quilts VERY well, but it does nothing for my mood or nothing for how I feel about the room. I ONLY want to be in there to sleep. Just can not bring myself to like that dark green. Prince Charming likes it, though. But he said he really does not care what color it is - but not blue. No problem.

All this, that I have completed this week...there has been ZERO sewing. I'm going into withdrawls.....



Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

You know I have the Same pattern of Valance going across the glass doors in my diningroom.. It looks great with my corner nook I love the sage/canteen green I did my diningroom in well let me correct that. Most of my house in oh by the way did I say my favorite color is green? but like you I can't stand Hunter.. it's too deep depressing.. I like sage and canteen. My livingroom is done in Solid Sage, Light browns, black and Iron works.. I love metal. My diningroom is done in Plaid sage, light yellows, black and metalworks.. I just hafto play my colors off the Paneling walls..

Kat said...

I'm loving the green....I can imagine the view into that room from the kitchen...need to see pictures of the no more purple room...please...pretty please...