Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Want of Batteries!!!

Two nights in a row, I have come home & forgot to stop & get batteries. I even went to Target yesterday (during lunch) & forgot them.

I work in Nashville - it's not difficult to FIND a place that sells batteries..... you know?

Ok - so why do I need the batteries??

Because my blog is boring without photos of what I am keeping myself busy with!

I took before & after photos of the purple room - but for the lack of batteries - I can't load them onto my computer.

Maybe I'll remember them on my way home tonight.



Greg said...

I have a pile of batteries for my camera. My problem is that I can't find the charger for the blasted things. So here they sit until such a time as the charger shows up. So I guess we're kind of int he same boat!

Dena said...

Too funny! At least once a year, I buy batteries in bulk from Costco and our grandkids know exactly where they are kept. I never knew there could be so many electronic toys needing so many batteries to keep them going!