Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ku Dos - To a Company...

On Sept 19th my quilt guild went to a quilt show in Hunstville,Alabama.

It was a good show. One item I really wanted while I was there was a Cureve Mater foot, by Martelli Enterprises.

I had one before, but with the "move" from AL to TN - I have inconveiniently LOST it or misplaced it or simply misplaced it...I don't know. I didn't have it & I wanted to use it on the "30 Something" quilt.

Well, blessings for me! Martelli was there & I bought one. Dude at the booth told me it was his last one. Goodie for me! $32 later - I was a happy camper.

Well, the next day I did 2 things. #1 tried out the new foot & #2 found my old one.

Once I knew what I was supposed to be looking for, I found my old one in my little presser foot keeper box. BUT ! the one I bought at the show was a 5/8" foot. Now tell me, WHY would they sell a 5/8 foot at a quilt show???????

So , I called the company , to see , if MAYBE, they would exchange the 5/8's for a 1/4"???

Well, they DID ! I paid shipping to them & they paid it back to me. I am a Happy Camper.

Now I have 2 !


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