Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stash Post 1 of 2

I won't make any type of reslution. None. but I figured I'd show you my stash....

Don't look for the happy homemaker - cuz I'm not - "up" on housecleaning - it's just not on my list of priorities!

I heard about showing your 2009 stash here: WHIMZEE'S STITCHES

(thanks Chris - I think I was able to MAKE the link...)

Behind closed doors is SO nice!


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mistyeiz said...

oh u tease you!!! :P this is merely to make me so OH so jealous!! this literally makes mine minute, not that it can really be called a 'stash'. LOVE your stash....i think i can just camp in there! lol :D

ps. tq for stopping by.