Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Score

First of all, QB1 is a yard sale queen. I promise she sniff out a deal a block away.

Friday QB1 found a BUNCH of maternity clothes. Nice ones, too. For DD2. She got them all.

This morning (Saturday) she found a crib & changing table at a yard sale. She called me on my cell & gave me the lady's phone number. I called her & she said she'd hold the crib & changing table until i could get there to looka t them.

DD2 is here for the weekend & we jumped in the truck & popped the address in the GARMIN and went over there.

They had a "Jinnny Lind" crib with mattress & changing table, and an EvenFlo stroller & car-seat combo at the sale. It looked to be in great condition & I got all 5 pieces for $80!

These great finds are going to stay at my house. That way when DD2 is here to visit, she does not have to pack the whole to speak. These are in wonderful shape. Very clean - I think she could have got more than $100 for just the crib.

They also gave me a dog bed for FREE. They actually had a bunch of stuff on thier free table. You ever been to a yard sale that had a FREE table? Anything they had on there was free. I thought that was a pretty good idea.

Anyway - I thought $80 was a GREAT deal. Ran to the bank to the ATM & got back to the sale & the guy had the whole thing disassembled & ready to load into the truck. I thought they were really nice people.

I owe a special thanks to QB1, she always goes avove & beyond "looking out for you".

I know it's a bit early to be buying baby furniture, but I could not pass up this deal. Figued by the time I was going to be really needing one, it would not be the season for yard sales....

DD2 has a different style crib picked out for her nursery & I cant' wait to see what it looks like.

Well - it's late & I hear my pillow calling me!

The photos do not "do" justice for the crib. It is a nice warm oak color. I am anxious to start a crib set. I have something in mind. It's from the FIRST " PS: I LOVE YOU " baby quilt book by Possibilities.


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Anonymous said...

We have this exact same crib we bought from Magic Mart when I was pregnant with Sophia. It's great! Basic and not much that can go wrong.

Congrats on all your finds and congrats on the new bundle headed into your lives.

Do you know if it's a girl or boy yet?