Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

I came home from work pretty late this afternoon.

Soon as i did, I went into the garage & found my box of buntings & flags. I did not put these up last year because DD#1 & I were on a road trip to Ohio.

If I had put them up last year, I would have noticed that I need a SMALL bunting for the center. Maybe I can pick one up this weekend at the Wally World.

All in all, it looks really nice.

I had to use an extension ladder. Oh boy! Was THAT fun? Not so much......

I am proud to be an American. Grateful to be an American. No desire to be anything BUT an American. Besides that.....Red, White & Blue is my favorite color combination!



Mia's Cottage said...

looks good! A real southern house ther' ya ' got!!

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful! Our exterior looks similar only it's painted wood and very ugly colors! I love white! We've got to remove the wood and do vinyl at some point. Love the photos!!

Chris said...

It looks great!

whimzeestitches said...

Love the decorations -- So Americana --- only thing missing was a large fireworks display!