Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Guild Meeting

Went to the guild meeting on Monday night. We have had 3 new members in the last 2 months & that brings our total membership to 55 persons. We have only one male.

They were getting revved up for the *new* officers for 2010. Guess who got elected to a "position"? Yours Truly! Secretary. I hope whoever sits next to me has good eyes (to read name tags) and a good memory (to tell me everyone's name if they are not wearing a tag) Miss Bernice came over & put her arms around my shoulders and all but begged me. I could not turn her down & I dang sure was not going to say "no". She won't admit it, but I think QB1 had something to do with my 2010 position! But she's going to be "treasurer" - so I won't be all by myself....

Speaking of QB1....I finished quilting her PINK LEMONADE quilt on Sunday night. I loaded that baby with the sides top & bottom so that the pantograph was vertical. I used the "Rosie" pantograph from Willowleaf Studio & since it's a very dense pattern and is NOT directional - I loaded it that way to save time on how many times I would have to advance the quilt. ANYWAY....I used an eggshell colored thread because QB1 used muslin for the backing & all the background. That eggshell color blended beautifully and the spacing between the rows came out so nice. QB1 was very pleased with it. I used a packaged Hobbs Poly-Down batting (because that's what I had...) and that quilt draped just so softly.

I took the quilt to QB1 at the guild meeting on Monday & we took photos. Of her quilt & my quilt. I neglected to bring MY camera, so soon as QB1 emails the photos to me, I will attach them to this post.

There were SO many of us at the guild meeting! I do not like *structured* meetings and the only part of our meetings that are BUSINESS only last about 30 minutes. I try to get off work early to get there - because they have a whole basement of a church that they can spend all day sewing in - from 9AM until 7PM. I can usually get there by 3PM. I love show-&-tell! It is so fun to see what other folks are working on & beleive me, there is a LOT of talent at our guild.

Tuesday night I finished sewing all the side setting triangles for the commision-baby-quilt that I am making. I should be able to sew the whole top together tonight & do all the trimming & get it ready for quilting by this weekend.

Speaking of WEEKEND !!! QB1 & I have a plan to go fabric shopping. To Wooka's & another shop in Waverly. I have been to neither & have been saving some $$ to go. We will be looking for some sort of green fabric to use for the vines & leaves on our Pineapple Patch Quilts. I am excited to get started on those. It will be fun to be working together on the same quilt.

Our guild has a show in May & I told QB1 that I'd sure like to have them done (meaning the top done & quilting completed) for the show. It would be really sweet to have both of them side by side! I am determined to get a 30's wide backing for mine. Purple maybe? or Pink? I already have one with a blue floral, so blue is out.

When I walked into the guild meeting & set up all my stuff, I told everyone that they were all my QB's ! i sure got some looks on that one! I had to explain that QB meant QUILTING BUDDY. And that numbers 1, 2, & 3 were taken I won't be numbering anyone else! Ha, Ha, I think they all think I'm nuts.....which is okay with me.

Tomorrow night is our home sit-n-sew. QB1 is going to bring her newly finished quilt so we can attach a binding. QB1 has never attached a binding - her Aunt has done I told her I'd show her how I do it, which is not to say it's the RIGHT way or WRONG way - but I make mine a little wider/thicker because if I cut the binding strips 2.5 or 2.25 inches, my left hand cramps while I am sewing the binding on. When I cut the binding strips @ 3.0 inshes wide and sew it on, it's like I can whip out the binding in nothing flat - regardless of the size - so I know it makes a difference.... I hope that QB2 & QB3 come too.

Folks, talk at y'all later.

edited to add: QB1 is on the left of these photos & I am on the right. The "Pik Lemonade" Quilt is QB1's - it turned out SO pretty !


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Anonymous said...

OH a day long sit and sew sounds amazing! I too hate binding and avoid it on almost everything. I have to make myself and I always want my mom sitting there by my side through the first part of sewing it on so I don't mess it up. I'm ok with applique stitching it to the front. Congrats on you making secretary! I should have more scraps coming your way soon. I've got some more small pieces of reds from working on the Trip Round The World, and like I said before found more blue! :)