Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Weekend

Thursday is normally my sit-n-sew night with QB#1. But I worked so late on Wednesday I thought I'd have to work late on Thursday too...So I called QB#1 and scheduled our sit-n-sew for Friday afternoon. I had Friday off for the holiday.

Firday: QB#1 & I did some sewing. She worked on her PP Pineapple & I think I worked on my (regular) Pineapple. Then we went through some of my books & magazines we have picked out a quilt to make from 30's prints called Pineapple Patch. It's a Pineapple variation and has appliqued flower borders & matching appliqued flower pillowcases. You know what the BEST part of the whole project is?????? We don't have to buy hardly ANYTHING. QB#1 is going to buy the "green" for the stem & leaves of the applique & the outer border & binding fabric. Maybe not the binding....the pattern has you cut strips from each of your fat 1/8's for the binding, but I like my binding to match the we'll talk about that more this Thursday. I ried to find the pattern on line in the archives of Quiltmaker, but all I could find was the pillowcases. I think it's a 2001 issue.

Prince Charming came home early on Friday afternoon. He had secured a straw mulcher. After QB#1 went home ( a little earlier than I wanted her too...but she had BBQ's to get ready for) , Prince Charming & I decided that there was going to be enough daylight to go ahead & get the yard blown with the mulch. After he aerated the yard & spread some more seed & fertilizer we mulched...I drove the truck & took the wire from PC that he removed off the bales of hay. We put out 27 bales of straw. I felt like a slow motion NASCAR was all about turning left. Oh yeah...I had to take an antihistamine BEFORE we started (or I'd have been miserable...) and somewhere during getting into & out of the truck & wrapping the wire & tossing it in the bed of the truck - I stinking walked into the truck! He only laughed at me for a minute.... Then he put out the sprinkler.

Saturday morning we got up & went to Cracker Barrel & then Lowe's. I needed some potting soil for some Hydrangeas I have ordered & another bird block, and he wanted a better sprinkler. got one on a tripod. Oh! We got a new light for the stairway going down to the basement. It is SO much brighter! I was holding the flashlight while Prince Charming installed the light. When he got done, I bent over to pick up the flashlight & banged my forehead on the wall! I really good whack too. Left a red mark on my head...made me feel exceptionally smart. We stayed in & didn't "do" fireworks. (DD#1 was out camping & went to Nashville for fireworks on the river)It RAINED and RAINED & RAINED some more and washed away some of our mulch. Darn it. If we don't get grass to grow right now, we'll have to wait until Fall.

I am really disliking the mud. I am fortuneate that I do not have carpet, the wood floors are much easier to get all the mud up off of....but I can't keep on top of's ridiculous. Y'all have to remember, i keep telling you, Martha Stewart don't live here......

Sunday we got up , earlier than I wanted too, the DOGS needed to go out....I decided that I would get started on a baby quilt that I have been commissioned to make. I had a "kit" already made up & started cutting the fat quarters for it. I am making a FREE pattern off the P & B Textile website, called BUTTONS & BLOOMS. It's an Atkinson Design pattern. I am making it all in bright colors. SO CUTE ! I have completed all 18 required blocks. All I lack is the side setting triangles & the corner blocks. Those are both made from strips - sort of like log cabins....By the time I got all the blocks done, it was too dark upstairs to get a good picture. Y'al wait until you see this quilt, though! It's SO CUTE.

QB#1 had called me earlier this afternoon (Sunday ) & invited us to her house for a fish fry. Prince Charming was wanting to have a quiet day & didn't want to go & I didn't want to go by myself. You wait until HE needs ME to go to something with him.....I'll remind him of his decision today.....

DD#1 is in Texas this whole week. Which means I have the little dogs for the week. No big deal, they are pretty good for the most part. But they are not as well house trained as my fat dogs. I have to constantly take them out. MY dogs go to the door & cry or hoot or lay down in front of the door. Pretty good cues, you know? I'll miss DD#1 this week. She's normally my talking to buddy before PC gets home.

It's been such a nice weekend.

Oh, nearly forgot. I finsihed quilting the Stretched Stars Quilt. It looks so nice. I love it. I hope I can get the binding on it before guild. AND! QB#1 has entrusted her quilt to me to be quilted. I feel so honored. It means a lot to me to have her trust her quilt to me, she is a hand quilter & this quilt will be gifted to her Mother. Am I feeling pressure??? Well, YES!

Sorry there is no photo today.

My pillow is calling me for the night....I don't think I'll drop off to La-La-Land too soon because , even though it's Sunday & it's the 5th....I hear all the 1/2 price fireworks goig off........



Anonymous said...

Gosh you sound busy!!! Hang in there!

Centergranny said...

Hi Sam
I have been searching for the Buttons and Bows Free Pattern you mention and can't seem to find it on the P and B Textiles web site. Would you send me the link? I love Atkinsons Designs!

whimzeestitches said...

Now that's a packed full weekend Sam - my goodness you got a lot accomplished in a short few days! Can't say that I was as enthusiastic or productive this weekend but I think I needed more rest that I did get. Can't wait to see the new baby quilt!