Monday, July 6, 2009

Buttons & Blooms / Pinwheel Blooms Baby Quilt

I had a few peopel want to "see" this baby quilt.

I didn't make my bed this morning, and when I laid these blocks out on the bed @ 10PM, I felt like it was a little too late to worry about it being made up - so overlook it, okay?

This baby quilt is a commission. I had the "kit" made up a long while ago. Dude @ work wanted a baby quilt. Thing is, he's color blind - so the brighter the better!

Isn't this adorable? Granted , the quilt that the blocks are laid out on are making these photos really busy....These are just the blocks, not set & not sewn together into rows. And I'm not certain this is the exact layout - pretty certain it won't be....

I want to get this finished THIS week, but I may run out of time.

DD#2 will be visiting this weekend. If she likes it, I will make a 2nd quilt in this pattern. Prince Charming said that the pink was not overpowering & could be considered not gender specific. And boy it's BRIGHT !

the baby it's for is a girl. She is due on Aug 18th. They are going to name her JAZZLYNN. Jazzlynn Raine. I've heard a lot of different names, and this is one I have NOT heard. Bless his heart, everyone keeps asking him where they came up with me off blogger if you want ot know where I thought they came up with it!

Anyway - I hear my feather pillows calling me. There are STILL fireworks being set off tonight....



Barb said...

Love the baby is sooooo pretty

Nana said...

Beautiful and nice bright colors, love this quilt.