Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Fabric

last month I quilted 2 Log Cabin Quilts for a lady that was giving them as Christmas Gifts this year. I am not real big one theme quilts, but Christmas Quilts stuck a chord with me. I don't know why, it just seemed like a good idea. So I decided that for 2009 I wanted to make 3. That sounds pretty agressive, but the 3 I want ot do are just going to be simple Log Cabins. 2" strips. I'm fairly certain I can crank those babies out in plenty of time. ha! It will give me an excuse to get a few more Christmas themed Pantographs! I have 2. One is a super simple Christmas Tree & I have another one that is a Snow Flake. I'll have to hunt the web-sites for a 3rd.
anyway- I really, really thought it would be soemthing very nice to have, especially for my girls, to have a Christmas Quilt , that they can drag out once a year & display year after year. Me Too!
Well, I have attached photos of the fabrics that I have gathered so far. I need more "lights". I am trying NOT to buy any cartoon or kitchy prints. I want timeless designs. Most of what you are seeing I bought from Stitcher's Garden in Franklin, TN. They are moving thier store this month. They have the largest store I have ever been in. it sure lacks ambiance (sp?) but what they lack in looks is made up in selection. bolts & bolts & more bolts. Stacks, scads & bunches. they do NOT have discounted prices. Most of what you're seeing here is $7 - $9 per yard stuff. It all feels delcious and looks even better.
The photos are more rich in daylight, but I took these photos at night in our bonus room in my sewing area & only had the clamp lights to work with.
the "squares" are an old Thimbleberries print called Candy Coated Christmas. I bought this yardage several years ago. I cut out all these blocks last weekend. I think I have 221 of them. I figured I could use them as the center of a Courthouse Steps block , or the center of a Log Cabin block or even the center of a modified Square in a Square. THAT print was EXPENSIVE. it's selfish, but whatever block those squares end up in, is a quilt that will STAY at MY house. it won't be a gifter.
I thought my BFF, Kat, would like to see what I have accumulated!


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