Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Made Ornaments

Darn it, this is the 2nd attempt to publish this post!

Maybe this time it will take...

You can "BOO" me now, but I have not put up a tree for Christmas in 5 years. maybe more.

On Saturday 12/6 we went to find our tree. DD#1 did her research on the web to find the closest Christmas Tree Farm. Found one in Clarksville. An hour away. We all got up early to trek to Clarksville to cut down our tree. packed work gloves, saw 7 battery powered chain saw. We get to the farm & there MIGHT have been 20 trees. And they all looked like Charlie Brown planted them! No joke! DD#! was hugely disappointed. Pouted like a 4 year old. We didn't even get out of the truck. We ended up going to home Depot & got a Frasier Fir. Nice tree...

We did not decorate the tree until this past weekend. DD#2 was home from college & both decorated the tree.

This evening I am showing you all some of my prized ornaments.

One is a beaded ball that DD#2 made for a 4H competition when she was in grade school. She won 1st place with that ball!

One is a clear glass heart that I glued beads, roses & ribbon onto. Very victorian!

One is a Snowflake made from beads. We made several of them, some in clear glass beads & some in solid white beads. They REALLY look like Snowflakes.

One is part of a set of ornaments that my DSD (Dear Sister Debi) made for me. There are 4 , each with our names on them. mine is the Santa that you see in the top photo.... I hope she makes some more, because the ones she made with the girls names on them will go to them when they set up house for themselves.

All of these ornaments are treasures, and they would likely look better in daylight instead of the flash of the camera!

See Ya !

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The Calico Quilter said...

I guess the tree farm is suffering from the drought here in TN like the rest of us.

Love all your handmade ornaments. The beaded snowflakes are especially nice. Funny how I can piece a whole queen size quilt but the thought of sitting down with a pile of tiny beads makes me break out in a cold sweat!