Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recent Sewing

You might ask, how come my blog is named "Sam Quilts" and I dont' show too many QUILTS on my blog......well, I been busy!
I AM sewing right now, just not for myself. And since it's not for me (or my family) I just don't care to post all the photos until the quilts are completely finished.

I am making a TN Volunteers Quilt (commissioned by my neighbor) that is a lap size for her son. It's BRIGHT. It's turning out really nice too. I have it on the rails right now.

The 2nd quilt that I am making is a king size. I am using the "Antique Checks" pattern from the "9 Patch Reunion" Book by Atkinson Designs. The commission comes from someone I work with. It's intended as a gift for his wife for Christmas. He requested FALL colors, so this quilt is not hard for me to make. I like the pattern & I like the colors. He wants orange & burgundy borders. I have the border fabric (got it last weekend) but I bought 2 different bugundies & 2 different oranges. Soon as I have the body of the quilt finished, I will make him choose which 2 colors he likes best. Since it's King Size, I don't feel like I am ever making any headway on all the blocks!!! Well, today I have all the blocks 75% completed. it's going to be a very nice quilt.

So ? Just so my readers don't think I DON'T any make quilts, I DO !! Once I get these 2 done for Christmas, I have about 6 that I have started & are in various stages of completion & once I get BACK to them, You'll think I can crank them out quicker than Bonnie Hunter....I'm only good for about one every 6 or 8 weeks!

Oh, yeh, if anyone needs "TITANS" fabric, I have about 9 yards.

See Ya ! The sewing machine beckons!


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Niki :-) said...

You are invited to 'the last push' quiltathon! post the link on your site and of course pictures of your quilt progress Dec 13th!. Hope you will join all of us!
Niki in AZ
Just Us Quilters