Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ryan's Log Cabin Quilt

This is a Log Cabin Quilt that I made for my DD#2 LAST YEAR! All it lacked was borders. Since I am off work this week, I decided to catch up on some projects.
I was thinking that if I could get the quilts finished that I started, I could start *NEW* ones.....maybe, maybe not.
I took these photos in our bonus room. Since we watch TV up here, it's sort of DARK - the borders are purple!
All I lack now is to peice the backing. I got some polka dotted fabrics from Wal-Mart & I am going to cut them into 10.5 inche squares & make the back for this little gem! (backing got finished on Friday 12/26 and I uploaded the photos to this's big enough, and WAY bright enough!)
it's bright, very bright. We call it the Skittles Quilt.
Once I have the backing done, it will go into the closet with my other finished tops, to wait being quilted.
I am really rotten about getting bindings done. so idecided that BEFORE I ever get to backings, quilting, or ANYTHING else, that I would get the binding ready. I already have the binding sewn togheter, ironed & rolled. All ready to go! I am hoping that I can keep my promise to myself & make sure that the bindings get done! I have a jar on top of my cabinet in my sewing area in the bonus room, it's got bindings in it for finished quilt tops! maybe seeing the jar will be a reminder to get them done!



Renee said...

Hi Sam, I love this quilt. In fact I love it so much I think I may make it. My son asked me the other day why I am always making wall hangings vs quilts to cuddle in and since he is a big guy (football player) it would need to be a lap size+. Is this a pattern, or your own layout? Would love to get a copy :-).

P.S. You have two lovely daughters and I got such a kick out of the cat just spread out on your quilt top!

Cheers... Renee

momtofatdogs said...

This pattern is from "Toad U Sew Designs" & I think it's called "Thinking Outside the Block". It is a very basic 1/4 log cabin block. All the strips are 1.5 inches wide & then the 3D effect is acheived by the way you turn the blocks. I liked the pattern & they have you iron half the blocks with the seams pressed out & the other half of the blocks with the seams pressed in, there are 100 blocks in this setting. My only issue with the instructions was that with all the attention that I paid to the pressing, they don't tell you which blocks to place where in which setting. I "flipped" seams a lot to make it all lie flat. If you don't mind that, it's great.