Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brown Log Cabin Quilt / Mine!

This quilt is one I started earlier in this year. I actually made 2. The first one that I finsihed was set in a "feilds & furrows" setting & I quilted it & gave it to our realtor on the day that we closed on our house. THEN I decided that this one needed to be set in another setting & I needed 8 more blocks. i had enough fabric, but barely. I set the blocks together & added the borders. i do not usually put light colored borders on a quilt, but this looked good. They are hard to see int he photos because the outer border nearly blends with the carpet.
Excuse the cat. That is Fiona. My grand-cat. She is the BIGGEST attention hound EVER. Soon as i laid this out to get a photo, she jumped int here & stretched out like it was HER'S.
I bought just plain muslin for the backing on this one because I am hoping to quilt it with a pantograph of acorns & oak leaves & I WANT to be able to see the quilting somewhere. The prints are too busy on the front for that pantograph to be seen, so I'll see it onthe back!
I have the binding sewn & pressed & ready to go too!



Nihal said...

Dearest Sam, wishing you a very Merry Blessed Christmas and a joyful holiday season to you and yours.

Happy New Year 2009.

Lots of love,


The Calico Quilter said...

Quite a lovely little log cabin quilt; the colors are so restful. That light border will show up much better on the bed.

Fiona is exercising her perogative of being the center of attention because she's the prettiest thing in the room, and she knows it. Any calico cat will tell you this.

Simply This and That said...

Another beautiful quilt! ooxx`jodi