Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Small & Handy Projects / Not Sewing!

My Prince Charming finished a few projects for me in my Long Arm Studio. The largest project was a shelf that he put up on our "dividing wall". I now have 16 feet of shelf space in my studio. It's sort of blank right now, but I will remedy that as soon as I find some baskets that I like. The second "big" project was hanging my storage cabinets on the wall. That was harder than it sounds because the wall that they are hanging on is cement blocks so every hole had to be drilled & then little metal inserts put in & THEN the bolts were driven through the cabinets to hold them onto the wall. He also put the peg board up too - actually attached it to the wall. In my old house the peg board was only leaning up against the wall under those cabinets. So it's an upgrade! The last project we did was to put up an extra peice of pegboard on the wall, it is mounted on 1 X 2's that are screwed to the wall. Voila! i now have a place to hang my stencils. I didn't have that before. These were projects that I have been wanting done, but they were not on the TOP of the list. I'm glad that they are done! See? This is why I call him Prince Charming!


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