Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fabric SCORE !

I just can't keep my mouth shut, so here goes. I bought some fabric today.
More? You say? Well, yes. I did buy MORE fabric. No, I didn't NEED it, I WANTED it. I had some "Christmas" money & decided to indulge myself.
A few months ago, I joined a quilt guild. They meet the second Monday of every month. I miss it more often that not, I just keep forgetting. (even WHEN I write it on my calender....) Other times, I can't seem to get away from work early enouhg to get there for any kind of fellowship....ANYWAY....my first time there they told me about a shop in KY that "is worth the trip" to go buy fabric. 113 miles ONE WAY from where I live later.......I came home with 35 yards of fabric.
Definately worth the drive. I bought 3 different backings. 108 inches wide. One was $8.50 per yard & the others were $6.50 per yard. (This past weekend, I bought 120 inch wide muslin from Wal-Mart & it was $6 per yard, mabe closer to $7...) These backings are Marcus Brothers! I bought 3 & half yards of each of those backings. i also bout 7 different regualr width fabrics. Each @ 3 and half yards. Two of the fabrics are the same print in a different color, I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I got both. All of the regular width farics are either black, brown or dark blue background prints. i only bought one light colored print.
most of their fabric was only $3! Name brand, major manufacturers @ $3 per yard.
Where is this place you ask? In the middle of NO-WHERE Kentucky. No joke, I passed the building twice. It's called "Whittles Bargain House" in Smiths Grove, KY. On Hwy 101. Literally in the middle of nowhere.
Definately worthe the trip.
I bought the backings larger (longer) than I thought I might need them because I never know when I'm going to use them! I bought 3 & half yards of the "other" prints because #1 they were VERY inexpensive & #2 - if I use the prints for borders, I'll have enough length for even a KING size quilt. (since I like to tear mine the length of the fabric instead of peicing them...)

Anyway...I'm pleases with my purchases. Giddy nearly. I hope I "find" some more descretionary money to go back again. Only this time I'd like to have a better idea of what I SHOULD get instead of buying whatever I fancy.


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A Proud Whittle said...

Dear Sam,
I am a family member of the Whittles and just happened upon your site. Just wanted to share that they have set up a web site so that you can order online, it is new so they are still adding to the online options but here is the address www.whittlesfabrics.com
Hope you enjoy!!