Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week of 2/25 thru 2/29

No photos with this post. I'm in Texas this week. I don't like this city. It's busy. It's dirty. It's crowded. And there is much here going on that I DON'T have to deal with in Alabama. Homeless people, pan-handlers...and other un-mentionable people. It's just not home. I am in a training class at the corporate for the company that I work for. It's downtown. I can officially state that I have seen more traffic in this week than I think I have seen all month at home! I am serious....the traffic is plain horrid. I rented a car & it's a small compact little model - I feel like a little teeny tiny ant on the interstate in it!
But the UP side of my week away has been that I get to visit with DD#1. she has been the best hostess. She has cooked nearly every night. I feel like I'm in a hotel. 'Course I don't have the nightly rate! Ha Ha !
2 more days of classes & I can go home. i am enjoying my visit with my daughter, but I'd like being home too. DH called & said that he has finished painting my side of the garage and that he has got the metal installed on the garage door openings. Whoo-Hoo! I am excited. Now all we need INSIDE is the crown molding & the floors painted & all the electrical outlets & covers installed & I can set up my quilting machine.....then we can finish installing the vinyl.

gotta go
DD#1 has dinner cooking!


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