Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blue Room

This is my sewing room. It's been pared down a LOT. We took a sample of the wall paper & had the blue bird color matched & painted the walls that blue. This photo is taken at 10 PM & the flash makes it look much brighter. DH was RIGHT - the 2nd coat DOES look better. That whole back wall had cabinets on it. I will be installing a "skirt" on my sewing table to hide the stuff (projects) under it.
I will be staging it as a "siting room". Can't say it's a bedroom because there is no built in closet. It's about 11 X 13. Pretty good sized. I have a bookshelf, a wing back recliner & small table that I'll put in there.
Since both DD's do not live at home, we painted the 2 other bedrooms. One is yellow, we call it the "YELLOW ROOM". The yellow room has dark furniture in it. Very masculine. The second is pink. We call it, you guessed it, the "PINK ROOM". The pink room is very girl-lee. White iron bed, white nightstands. I love it. I'm not making excuses, but it's a really, really light pink. During a bright day or even at night with the lights on , it's hard to tell that it's a pink at all..... Ha! Ihave 2 quilt racks in there too!
So what else would we be calling the sitting room , if not the "BLUE ROOM" ????

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