Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home Again! And Garage Photos !

Sunday ! WOW - I am home from the "big city". Glad too. I lost my car at the airport yesterday. I wrote down where I parked. Level/isle/letter....but failed to find where I wrote it down when I returned to the airport. Being gone for 7 days didn't improve my memory either. I searched for about 30 minutes & then airport security helped me. They drove me around & around & around while I kept hitting my car alarm on the little key ring fob. We found it, and it was no-where near where I thought I had parked. I felt completely stupid with a capital "S". I'd have been there until dark, had it not been for the security folks. I'm glad that they were not super busy & couldn't help. I was near tears as it was when I finally DID ask for help.

Sunday we got up & went out side to work on the garage. We got the soffit finsihed on the front & all the vinyl installed on it. DH had been home a day & a half during the week & he got the single bay painted & got the 2 bay sanded & painted, the metal bent & installed on the garage door opening & this neat little vinyl peice with a rubber "seal" type thing installed too. It looks so NICE !!!On Saturday - while I was playing hide & seek with my car.....DH installed the vinyl on the front of the garage. After we finsihed the front soffit, we installed the light fixtures. 4 on the front of the garage, 1 on the side at the standard door & the last on the back of the house. Total of 6, they all had to match. When we got those done, we started installing more 1 X 4 strips onto the tall ends of the garage, for the soffits on them. It's more of a one man job since we don't have scaffolding......I'm a good stepper & fetcher......we got the one end half done but can't finish until we get the "bird box's" built on the back side of the garage.....the 3rd photo from the top is the soffit that we ended with. DH said that since there is no air flow on the "ends" that the vinyl soffit is solid, in the front & the back, the soffit is vented (has holes). I LIKE the vented soffits better. More eye-appealing.....but that's just me. DH says that the solid soffit is harder to install too. I know it harder to cut! I have a small blister on my thumb from the huge scissors we use to cut the vinyl. I say small, because MY blister looks like a flea bite compared to the blisters that DH has on his hands.....
When we got to a point that we couldn't do more without getting into night, I came in & gave the favorite fat dog a bath. She wasn't too dirty, not much washed off in that department. But I sure hope the stink came off. She was potent after spending the majority of the week in the kennel. then I took a shower & started dinner. What was DH doing????? (He's a work-a-holic....) he stayed in the garage hooking up electrical outlets. The last photo is of him on the first one he started. He got 2 walls done & the face plates installed too! He jammed the screw driver into his hand too, bled all over........I asked him to stop but he said he wanted to work late enough so that he could turn on all the lights on the front of the garage & "SEE" how they all looked.
DH did a wonderful job. It looks beautiful all lit up!
Last week while I was in the big city, I stayed with DD#1. It was SO nice to visit. No hurry, no holiday. Just night time talk & cooking & watching TV. Boy ! We sure tore up the town! Ha Ha. DD#1 had an allergic reaction to either some new make-up brushes or the make-up itself (don't know which) either way - she ended up with swollen eye-lids & had to come home early on Thursday from work & take some Benydryl (sp?) She looked better by Saturday but her eye-lids were still puffy a little bit. DD#1 cooked while I was there too. She's a good cook! Lasagna one night, wine poached chicken another night & then chicken burritos on Friday night. We ate out 2 of the nights.....
I mis-read my flight arrangements - thought that the flight out was 11 AM - it was 12:43 & I waited at the wrong gate too - only got on the right one, because I overheard the lady say "Birmingham" - whew! Nearly missed my flight! I'm a nit. I guess?
Got to see DD#2 for a short while. Less than 24 hours! She came home on Saturday evening & left by 10Am on Sunday morning.....she said it was goingt o be her only "free" weekend all of March. Seing her a little is better than not seeing her at all....
Gotta go - got to check on some other emails & got to un-pack my trip bag & pack DH's for the up-coming week. Monday should be a bear. Gone all week & closing to deal with ! How fun for me! (I don't think I can really call it fun)

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