Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Week Passes

Another week passes us by.

You know? 25 years ago, I never thought I'd be where I am today. I have regrets, sure, but none that I feel I need pennance for. I just felt like the middle of February 2008 came quicker than I thought it should.

This week has been eventful - weather wise for sure. 70's one day & 30's the next. no wonder people are dropping like flies with the flu. I think I have escaped the worst of the flu...I take vitamins! Maybe that's what keeps me healthy? Ha ! That's what I tell myself anyway!

Last night I put a 2nd coat of blue paint on the sewing room walls. DH said it needed it, I disagreed and procrastinated. Now it's done, I have to admit that DH was right. It does look much more nice. The 2nd coat of paint took much less paint than the 1st & if I had done it 2 weeks ago - I'd have been happier. Now I am FREE to go onto other "inside" projects.

Notice I said "INSIDE". Those are projects which I prefer to take care of myself. Packing closets. Painting. Culling. Wondering why I ever keep some junk......Rearranging....ripping off wall paper. Stuff that just isn't done well by 2 or more people in cramped spaces.

My next inside project is to rip up carpet in the downstairs bathroom. Yes carpet in a bathroom. Must be a southern thing...I've seen it a lot & lived with it for 9.5 years. Now it's coming up. The carpet gets removed & the wallpaper is coming down. Painting the walls, the vanity & the doors. Replacing all hardware: faucets, paper holder, towel bar, drawer pulls , light fixtures, and maybe the shower faucet...I don't know how hard the shower faucet will be to replace....THAT might be a project for DH. But ! I have 2 bathrooms. I am only going to wreck one at a time. That's the plan , anyway....that and if I mess up too bad then we still have a spare!!!!

Sometime between now & the end of the month....a landscaper is coming. Going to freshen up the flower beds. I think "freshen up" is an understatement. He's going to rip out all the dead azeleas, replace them with holly, re-mulch & spread the dirt that we have had piled up (2 dump truck loads ) over the trenches that we made for the utility lines for the garage. i on't think he's doing any more than that. We'll put _ what's that stuff you buy in squares? You know grass - what's that ? OH SOD ! Can't imagine why that escaped me...we'll sod the area he covers in dirt.

Keeping the DOGS out of all this is going to be so fun for me. Right! So fun....SURE.....

I have been horribly lazy this week (maybe THAT's why it's aleady the middle of FEB?) if I ever turn on the TV - I never move. So? The game for me was to NOT turn it on. After I cleaned the kennels, I did something else. I finsihed the 2nd coat of paint & I have sewed 8 pinwheels. I call them Parker Pinwheels.....I have enough sub-units sewn together for another 12 blocks. Since I am working Saturday at the landfill - i am taking my sub-untis with me to iron, cut apart re-iron & match up pairs....20 blocks is a far cry from the # I need for 2 quilts, but it is sewing that I have not been able to do. I feel like it's sewing I have deprived myself! Sewing is therapy - I just need a lot of therapy....Ha Ha Ha

well - that' s my feather pillow that I hear calling for me.....

Good night all & on my next post I'll try to have some photos. A blog without photos is like the difference between Honey Nut Cheerios & the plain ole Cheerios....the plain ones are just a little bland.

Have a good evening!


~Joan said...

Hi, Sam. I made another 3 sets of Parker Pinwheels last night. I love these. I have 63 finished blocks, but I need many more, too. I'm trying to make just one set of blocks from a fabric. But you know I have about 100 bolts of Thimbleberries here!


momtofatdogs said...

I'm not using the light/dark method. I'm just paring differnt prints as the pinwheel portion. The pionwheels are MUCh esier then they seem. They are a great priject.

WOW - 100 bolts! i can't say mcuh, I probably have 50 pantographs!