Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Big Cat

This is our cat.

Y'all have seen all the dogs, this is the cat.

We call him Smelly Cat.
Not because he smells, but because when we got him there was a new & popular sitcom on TV. FRIENDS was the sitcom. I never particularly enjoyed the show , but one of the characters, Phoebe, sings a song called Smelly Cat. She actually can't sing worth beans & the song is awful, but, it was very comical to listen to it so we named the cat Smelly Cat. He's 13 and the only one we have. I can't leave clean laundry out, hel'll lay on it or in it. I can't leave a closet door open, he'll get in there & find SOMETHING clean to sleep on. I can't accidiently leave the underwear drawer open, he'll get in there & sleep & then everything has to be washed. And I don't DARE leave a quilt in progress on my sewing table, yep!, he'll be sleeping on it! Not pieces of quilts, just if it's a big piece - like if you're putting borders on it & leave it on the table over night....Oh yeah - the FUNNIEST thing he's resorted to doing is everytime DH comes home & brings in his suitcase, Smelly lays all over it. Like the cat missed DH or something. Funny little cat, he is....


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