Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dolls for DN#7

Remember last month when i said I had to make/get a doll for DN#7? Well, the doll is porcelain. Not exactly a doll that a 5 year old can PLAY with. So i got this other vinyl doll for her that she CAN play with.

My projects this week (not including the bathroom tear out) is to get the porcelain doll all cleaned up & redressed in the little smocked outfit i found. I have to stuff & dress the other doll. That vinyl doll is one of those Apple Valley dolls. "Jordan", I think is this one. A very, very pretty doll. I actually found some old doll wigs from when I was making dolls , in storage, and one was red. I liked the red wig best, but when I spoke with DN#7 this evening she asked me to PLEASE make it blonde. So , blonde it will be. It's glued on now, the wig that I don't change my mind.
The porcelain doll needs to be re-strung. I'm not sure what I'll use to do that, but I have to find something. I can not remember how I made the other one. It has been over 20 years, you know?
Wretched dolls.
I am SO going to punch my DB#2 when I see him.
It's late, and I'm tired. I made 3 posts this evening. All with photos! No plain Cheerios tonight.....

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