Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Weekend - no sewing!

This is what the DH & I did this weekend! We installed vinyl siding. We didn't get it all done because we have to get the soffits built & the vinyl on the soffits. So we put it up as high as we could go without getting into where the soffits will be. It looks so GOOD. These photos were taken at around 4:30 PM & it wasn't real bright on Saturday afternoon. The TOP photos is of the backside of the garage. We had put exterior outlets there because we had planned on cementing that area & roofing another 10-12 feet (after we pull the shed out) behind the garage for storage of lawnmowers, the air compressor & possibly a small boat. The center photo is of the end of the garage that faces the back of the house. I am standing on the rear deck to get this photo. And the last photo is of the end of the garage that you see when you come up to the house. The vinyl siding on the garage matches the vinyl siding on the house pretty good. We had the vinyl siding on the house installed nearly 6 years ago & the manufacturer doesn't make this SPECIFIC color or style any's CLOSE. And since the garage does not touch the house, it's barely noticible. matter of fact, it looks fabulous.

Saturday we got the biggest majority of it done, Sunday we worked on framing the soffit on the front of the garage. we didn't get it completed because we ran out of 2 X 4 's. SO? We started another list for our next trip to Home Depot next week.

After we ran out of lumber, DH started wiring the breaker box and I spent 2 hours scraping drywall mud up off the cement floor with a metal spatula. Cement is cold on your knees! DH got all the breakers wired & we hooked up ONE electrical outlet so that we don't have to use extension cords anymore!

( Yes, I know that my flag is tattered! That bell pole is being moved & I HAVE a new flag to replace that one, bt I want to wait until we move the pole!)

I am so proud of DH & me! We woke up so sore on Sunday & still we got out there & did what we could until we couldn't go any further or ran out of materials.

I feel like we're getting somewhere now! I can hardly wait for the day when I can put up my long arm! I know, I know! We're moving! So what? I hope that when Iput it up - that it won't be up for long, that we'll be moving soon.

It was SO nice to have DH home for 2 consecutive days. 2 days to be together...I WON'T say that having him gone all week is worth the 2 solid days, but it was sure nice to have someone besides the dogs to talk too. Granted, the dogs aren't as communicative, but at least they listen. DH does too! Besides, I even made a REAL dinner. Ate until we couldn't eat anymore.

My friend, Joan, posted a recipe for Apple Pan Dowdy that looks scrumptious. i think that's on the "make / bake / take" list for this week while I'm home. If I make too much when I bake, I take it to work & pass it out to the dirvers'!

Speaking of Joan, I read where she wasn't feeling well recently. I hope that you are better Joan! Watch that sore throat, I hope it's not streph. Get well soon!

I have been pinning strips together for pinwheel blocks too!


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