Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shed Building

Again, cell phone pictures!

Prince Charming & I spent our Sunday afternoon framing in the ends of the shed. We ran out of light after getting the plywood up on the back wall - but it's already cut for the front. We have to go pick up the roll up door this weekend.

When you looka at the back, the bottom of the window is at the 12' mark! Those walls are 12', then it's floored @ 8' so we have a second story storage area.

There will be no power to this shed. It will have 2 - 12' wide lean-to's on each side too. We just have not got that far. When we get to the finishing part of our building endeavor, it will be sided in white vinyl - to match the house!


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Barb said...

That looks like alot of work!