Monday, November 8, 2010

Remember These? PPP (Paper Pieced Pineapples)

Remeber these? I got 12 of them finished today. Don't think I started from square one, I did not. Those 12 blocks were better than 1/2 done, so it wasn't hard to GET them done, it's just been finding the TIME to sew them. I have off these whole week & spent nearly the whole day at my guild meeting.

Guess how many I have???? Waaayyy more than I thought I did, I'll tell you that! I have 81 finished. How many do I need?

No. Clue.

My next bunch of them that I make will get me to 100. So I am tackling 19. And, yes, I'll be starting from square 1. Literally. Once I get them done, I'll see how I want to set them. I am seriously thinking about setting them on-point with some sort of black print side setting triangles as well as an extra wide black border (same print) , I have several black prints, but not likely enough for what I want. Darn, I'll have to go fabric shopping..........

My goal , this week, is NOT to finish those 19 blocks. Bet you got no clue what the goal is! Prince Charming & I are building a shed. More like a BARN. 16'X24'w/2 12' lean-to's on each side. 12 foot walls with a sub-floor at 8'. OUR goal this week, is to get the roof on.Going to Lowe's tomorrow to buy 40 2X6X12's, and that does not include the tie pieces from truss to truss. We're going to be So busy & SO tired....but when it gets done, we'll get the lawnmower & the golf cart out of the garage. As well as all the other "yard" acruements. If I think about it, I'll try to get photos of it. Our land is not level - so it's pretty high on one end. but guess what? QB1 is getting new windows and she is giving us her old ones to put int he barn. We need windows becasue we're not running power or water to the barn. The dogs think it's for them....Ha !!

Talk to you all later!

I can't wait to show you my 100 paper peiced pineapple blocks!


PS / was asked where I got my papers from........the truth is, I found a free block on the web somewhere & it was only about 5 inches finished. I enlarged it to about 8 inches, I like that size - small enough to be interesting & not too large that it looks sloppy..... I made about 500 copies becasue I figure THIS won't be my last PP Pineapple Quilt becasue of all the scraps I generate. If I can get "A" quilt plus another ONE from the scraps - whatever is left from trimming the PP peices can be trashed. (I guess! Right?)


Barb said...

What an amazing quilt...just love it!!

~Joan said...

Those. are. gorgeous.

My daughter's future MIL is a new quilter. When we visited recently, we were talkinga about MY quilts. She asked me (totally seriously)..."Do you ever have more than one project going at a time?" I blushed. Last count I had over 30 works-in-progress.

julieQ said...

Wow! May I say I just love your pineapple blocks...and your blog, and your quilts! I treated myself to just looking through the rest of your are a wonderful quilter.

julieQ said...

and...we have the same carpet!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've been looking for some of those, where did you get your papers from?