Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Days & Mondays

Prince Charming & I spent last week off from work. We (narrowly!) got the shed/barn dried in. I was bone tired. I actually whined on Sunday & asked "Do we haf tu?" - but we had to ge tthe rest of the plywood on the trusses to dry in the whole thing or risk wasting a bunch of money by letting all that wood get wet.

Now that it's dired in, we can take a break. Sorry no pictures yet. I have been too tired at the end of the day to go back out & TAKE pictures. got to get close enough so that I can show you just how big this "shed" is. Haven't been able to take pictures after work - becasue ...well - it's dark when I go & dark when I get back.

it's rained Monday & Tuesday & I think it's supposed to rain on Wednesday too.

I have a quilt on the rails. Finishing my neices. Then I have 2 more customer quilts. i met VR 2 a quilt shop in east TN (east meaning east of Nashville, but not memphis) She has entrusted me with 2 quilts that she has made for her daughter-in-laws. Plural. Two. They are very beautiful & i should have both of those done this weekend. I think QB1 has one for me to quilt too.

I had business cards printed for long-arm quilting. Put the shingle out, so to speak. I'm not up for making any kind of web-site , i would just like to take in local quilts, i think. We'll see how it goes. I been holding off becasue I just didn't know how my "real job" would go. it's going well, and settling down.

At any rate, folks - i need to sign off & let the big dogs into the kennel in the basement (can't let the fur babies stay outside in the wet/cold!) after that, I think I'll go hug a feather pillow or two for a few hours1


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April said...

I found you on ATime2Sew website.
I make quilts every once in a while but I'm not good at quilting them myself.
I was just wondering what your prices to quilt are. I'm located in Fyffe, AL.
If you have time, you can write me back by going to my blog http://stargrl13.blogspot.com