Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On-Point Pineapples

this is a cell phone picture, taken @ night in my sewing area. So it's quality leaves a LOT to be desired. But I was so excited about how it looks. I bought that black/green paisley print a few weeks ago from The Quilting Squares in Franklin, TN - I love it. It is really ver pretty IRL.

I decided I'd set my pineapple blocks on point - hopefully I won't need so many? One can only hope. I want the side setting triangles & the border fabric to be the same black/green print, but I want to separate the side setting triangles & the border fabrics with a very thin inner border of green. I mean thin. I think I'll cut the strips 1.25 inches. But I have to find the PERFECT green. It's got to match that paisley. So I need to go shopping! Darn it.

I don't have enough blocks completed to set them all - and I sure don't have the paper torn off the backs either! So it's going to be a slow go.

QB1 is this far too. I hope we can get them done simultaneously so that we can do Show & Tell at the January Quilt guild. (I think that's pressing my luck!!!)



Barb said...

Love your pineapple block!

Chernal said...

I have been catching up on your blog and watching this quilt for a very long time. I love it love it love it!!