Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

Well, hopefully I am. My regular day time job is NORMALLY just 40 hours or less. But in the last 3 months, I have been all over *heck* & half of middle Tennessee and parts of Alabama. Hopefully, my schedule has slowed down & I can get back to normal. Whatever normal is.............

Good thing too!

I really need to sew. I have many many projects in mind. Quilting & clothing. I have been buying fabric & not sewing & my sewing room looks like a tornado hit it. Which would be okay if I could just close the door. Such is not the case - my sewing room is part of our family/bonus room & it can not be hid. Oh well. I can kid myself by saying it's all a work in progress.

No pictures today. Soon though. I promise. I have a quilt loaded on the rails - it's my neice's. Her grandmother made it. I wish I knew someone that could hand quilt. This quilt is all hand peiced & hand appliqued. It will look beautiful when I have it done, but it would be prettier if it was hand quilted. I just can't reproduce that type of look!

Update on my dog: Briscoe has made a FULL recovery & last week he finished his vet required confinement. We turned him loose in the (fenced 1/2 acre) yard & he runs & jumps smoothly. Like it never happened. His hair cut still looks funny, but he really does not care. I'm glad I had the surgery done. That peice of bone they pulled out of his elbow joint was about the size of a dime, round, like a marble. It had to have been very painful for him. And he's such a lover. He only barks bad, he's a big cupcake. Do you know who he is named for? Jerry Orbach from Law & Order. We got the puppy just after Jerry Orbach died. JO played Lenny Briscoe on Law & Order. It was a "B" name, so we called the puppy Briscoe. Seemed fitting for a german shepherd. Though he's no cop dog, that's for sure.

Oh! I ordered business cards for longarm quilting. Putting out my shingle - so to speak. Maybe I can generate more business! Ya think?

Talk to you all later!


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Anonymous said...

awesome. sounds like things really are falling back into order.

i loved jerry orbach. and through six degrees i know the person who gave him his first big break.

my very best friend in highschool, sarah. her grandfather was the producer of the fantasticks and it was his first real role from what i remember.

if i ever need anything longarmed you'll be the first i call on!