Thursday, April 16, 2009

Irish Chain Update

As you all know, my oldest daughter & I started a Triple Irish Chain Quilt this month.

This is a wedding gift for her very best freind & sorority sister that is getting married on May 16th.

I am currently sewing all the blocks together! 49 of them. Good thing they are 12.5 inches! (You are only seeing 16 of the 49 blocks, when you see the "quilt" in these photos!)

DD#1 is currently sewing all the strip sets together required for the Seminole border.

We are using the "Quilt-In-A-Day" by Eleanor Burns Book. DD#1 chose to make the "Yankee Chain" version, with RED being the dominant chain color. It is really coming out nice.

DD#1 said she isn't going to be making any quilts to soon after finishing this one......and for SURE, not a King sized one, as is this one.....I told her we were just getting warmed up.

I think we're going to make the deadline!




Barb said...

That is a very nice, wonderful, amazing, wedding gift. Isn't it fun sewing with someone?

Chris said...

Go, go, go!

What a lucky friend your daughter has!