Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday , Prince Charming & I drove to Montevallo to see DD#2 inducted into the honor society.

She graduates college next month.

I am very proud of her. I always "see" my girls as toothless 6 year olds. I guess they'll never really be ADULTS to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT some hovering, over bearing parent. I just don't see them as grown women. Even though they are, and even though I treat them as GROWN WOMEN. They are still & will always be my babies.

I wonder if it's like that for all "Mommas"? i wonder.

On the sewing side of my week.......This week there has not been too much done. I feel lazy. We got all 4 of the Seminole borders sewn together, and I got 3 sewn onto the quilt. Then i have the outer borders to sew on. it will take PROBABLY all of 2 hours to finish & I just have not done it. My plan is to quilt it on Sunday. Or at least get it started.....i also am comitted to getting a baby quilt quilted for CP !! I promised I would have it done before the end of April. I have until next week...I'll do it! THEN...I have other "customer quilts" that are in line.

May is going to be SO busy for us.....DD#1 is closing on a house next week. DD#2 graduates in 2 weeks. Neice #3 (maybe she's #4 because 3, 4 & 5 were born all real close togeher...) anyway....she graduates in 3 weeks. Sister-In-Law #1 is flying to Alabama because neice #2 is having baby #3 the end of May. DD#1 has a wedding to get to too (hence the rush job for the Triple Irish Chain Quilt!) So? I'm busy, busy, busy in the next several weeks. i am SOOOOO looking forward to June!

the attached photo is of DD#2 - she is 2nd from the right. the redhead!


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