Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paducah Show

I went to the Paducah show on Saturday.

We left early enough, but got delayed with a detour in Clarksville. Someone tore down electrical lines & they closed part of the main road & detoured traffic through a less than desirable part of Clarksville. We passed this one house, y'all, that gave us all a giggle. It stood out horribly. sort a grecian design. Gargoyles on the roof. Naked statues. Gorgoyle lighting. Oh! And pink flamingoes. It was ummmm.....tasteful? No, I don't think so. I SO wish I had took a picture of it. anyway - we got through clarksville & got going northbound again into Kentucky.

We stopped at a rest stop before we got there. I made a bad joke: "You know you're a red neck & in Kentucky when they only make rest stops on ONE side of the interstate!". yes, there was only one the whole way between Clarksville, TN & Paducah , KY & it was only on the southbound side...we did the loop-d-loop thing to get to it! Ha Ha....

I drove my car & my freind, Kat, went with me & then in the other car there were 5 girls from my guild. We had a good time. Didn't get to see EVERYTHING. You really need to be there more than one afternoon to see it all.

I bought some really nice pink & brown fat quarters. A pattern and a quilt kit.And some continuoius line design books from sharon Schamber. (that lady has more talent in one finger than I'll ever have in my whole body, I'm sure.... ) I'll post pictures of all that on another day. I have quilting commitments that I must meet this weekend, and being on the 'puter isn't getting me closer to them !!!

This is "Me & Kat". I'm in Pink.


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Can't wait for more pictures