Thursday, April 23, 2009

Architechture (sp?)

While we were at Montevallo College, we toured the campus. After 4 years of attending for DD#2, this was Prince Charming's first "real" visit (that didn't include moving furniture!)

the college is renovating an old, 1880's original house. they are turning it into an "arts" building. They have gutted the inside & probably won't have renovated INSIDES, but they ARE renovating the outside.

I failed to get pictures of the front of the house. it had a 2nd floor balcony & columns running top to bottom.

I absolutely love "Old South" homes. The Plantation Homes. This one was "it".

They were in the process of flooring the sunroom. The glass in this building is all wavy & bubbled.

I LOVE, love, love this sunroom!

Maybe sometime in my life we'll be able to buy a home that WE can renovate/restore/rebuild. Something that signifies the "old south" to me.

Or better yet, maybe if we ever get to re-do y kitchen, we can incorporate this type of floor to ceiling windows idea for the back side of the kitchen (which faces the yard...) can you image a bank of windows, the length of the kitchen with a huge long table for breakfast & dinner? One can dream.

the last kitchen we remodled only cost $15G, i think the southern Sunroom Kitchen Remodel would be over $50-$60...I'd have a HUGE time talking Prince Charming into that....maybe in 10 years.....but not right now!


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The Calico Quilter said...

You're right- that would make a fastastic dining area. Oh yes, that kid of architecture makes me swoon! Of course, after living in several 1960's ranch houses with their tiny windows, any expanse of glass would make me giddy. My goal in life is to buy a house with windows taller or wider than 34". (Kind of like looking through a porthole!)