Sunday, January 12, 2014

Twining Close Up

This is sort of a close up - the pencil rod on the end is basically a "stay" you treat the rod & the last warp srtip as ONE & both of the weft strips have to go around it so that the rug does not come undone. The twining is done with that strip in my left hand going up over the strip on the right & then BEHIND the next warp strip. Over & over & over again until you get to the other side. Then you work right to left..and so on. All the instructions that I have found have you work halfway down on one end, flip the frame & work top to middle again. Meeting in the middle. It hought it would be a little difficult getting the middle done, but I used a crochet hook & squished the rows together enough to get my fingers thru the warp strips, then when I thought it was "enough", I used the same crochet hook to push the rows back down. Again, the directions have you finishing/completing the rug ends while it's still on the loom. I found this awkward & removed the rug from the loom & then finished off the ends by knotting them & then weaving them in for a few inches.


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