Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Of The Everlasting Wreath

If you read my blog - you may as well resign yourself to seeing a LOT of this quilt. It's huge. It's got LOTS of blocks. It's time consuming. And I LOVE it. I have quilts on all my beds & as it turns out, all the beds were made when I took these pictures this morning. So I laid this part out on the floor. In my original paper mock up - I only had it 6 rings wide. that's not wide enough for my queen sized bed - or rather - 6 rings does not come down far enough on the sides of the bed - I don't think 7 is going to be PERFECT, but 8 would be way too many. the tentative plan (right now ) is to make it 7 rigs wide by 8 rings long. We'll see how that progresses.
Please excuse my less than clean carpets. As you can see? I have a long haired house dog. And he's NOT lap dog sized. Well it's winter. Winter follows fall - we have nearly 2 acres. Lot's of trees. Lots. Been too wet to get all the leaves up - Bourbon, bless his heart - drags several in the house in his hair every time he goes out. Every. Time. and right now? It's not bothering me enough to drag the vacuum out & get them all up. Trust me, they will STILL BE THERE when I choose to do it. Anyway - that's my update. I am going to sew another row on today. It's a slow go. You don't just slap another block on there & go. I have to pin each side & every single seam is a "Y" seam. I should have this technique perfected by the time I'm finished with the quilt! I know one thing is for fingers are so sore. I seem incapable of NOT pricking myself. The paper has got my DNA on it. Oh Well, at least it's on the paper! Sam

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The Farmers Daughter said...

Your quilts are beautiful! I've spent the last hour drooling over them!