Saturday, January 18, 2014

Little Rug Loom & Big Rug Loom

this is the rug loom that I used to make the rug in the previous post. It is a really nice size and it turned out great. I already have it with new warp strips on it for a rug for my youngest daughter.

This Rug Loom is one that Prince Charming made for me today. It should make a rug that is 3'X 5'. Yes, THREE feet by FIVE feet. As you can see - it's much larger then the other one. Nothing like jumping in feet first!
Prince Charming, being the Prince that he is, originally wanted to make the big loom from oak. We have about 1000 board feet of rough cut red & white oak. Already cured. We discussed that it's possible that the BIG rug MIGHT be a "one & done" job & I didn't think making it from oak would be a good idea - I'd feel guilty if I never made another one! So it's from pine. Hammering in all those finish nails was challenging. Or rather getting them spaced correctly was! We did it though! It's awesome. I am curious to know how many strips & many inches of those strips that it will take to warp this jobbie! I am not even going to TRY thinking about the number of strips it will take for the weft. But you know what? It's going to be gorgeous!! Sam

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