Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finished Rug

Ta Da ! The finished product. I made my strips 1.5" so this is a fairly flat rug. I also used SHEETS. It came out really NICE. And I am going to make one for the Pincess too becasue #1 she asked for one & #2 I  have enough blue sheet strips to make another one!

Prince Charming has plans to make a loom for me that will make a 3'X5' rug. We will plane the oak maybe this afternoon or sometime this week. He had said we'd go to Lowe's & buy the oak. But honestly? I am not going to spend $85 on some lumber when we have over a 1000 board feet of rough cut oak just sitting in our garage. Seems pointless to BUY it!

I really liked making this rug & I see more of them in my future!


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pamela thorne said...

Great job on the rug! It is so nice when our kids appreciate the things our hands make. :)

Pam in Middle TN