Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rug #2 Finished

This is rug #2 that I completed yesterday. Took me a little longer than the last one. I have lots of burners in the fire...and well know...I get busy!
Yes, it's blue. Again. I bought 5 of the biggest blue sheets that I could get at Goodwill. I THOUGHT that 5 sheets would only make ONE rug. Guess what? I'm thinking they can make 3 ! Maybe 3 & a 1/2.....Add to that I bought 3 more dark blue flat sheets at a Thrift store in Clarksville yesterday. My freind Diane M gave me some fabric that is light blue & I think I can make a rug with just dark blue & light blue stips all the way through. Not worried about when it will get done as I have the big loom warped & ready to go! I am doing IT in homespuns. Word To The Want To Be Wiser....Homespuns are really VERY thready! I am tearing them 2 inshes wide & geesh...theres strings & strings & strings! I don't even know how many yards of homespuns that I have. Lots. Just lots. Figured it's time to stop hoarding them & DO SOMETHING with them! M

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