Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sometimes I Laugh At Myself

And laughing at myself is a good thing.

I finished my spool blocks sometime before Christmas. I just have had ZERO time to sew for myself, so I didn't even try. That...and my fingers hurt in the winter. So much sewing makes them hurt more.

Today , bieng the 1st of January, was a holiday & I didn't have work so I did a little piddling around in my sewing room & decided I was going to "shop my stash" for fabric for the side setting triangles & borders for my SPOOLS QUILT. I wanted something brown. No reason, just because. Well I found 6 yards of a brown print in my stash. That's WHY I was laughing at myself. I have no clue when I bought this fabric. It was definately OVER 5 years ago! Is it older than that? Maybe! I really don't know & I really don't care. I am just glad I had 6 yards. That's enough for the setting triangles & borders AND binding!! Yay Me!

It's a Fons & Porter / Benartex Print with Pheasants on it. I think I may have purchased it after Prince Charming came back from hunting Pheasants one year. He brought the most beautiful wreaths back for me from those hunting trips...but, I digress. Here is the print:

This is the piece I have set aside to use for the borders & binding.

(ignore the doll in the background, she's a work in progress - that heart knit? I bought 3 of those shirts from Wal Mart to put appliqued letters on...Let's just say that my embroidery machine did NOT like that knit. It ate 2 of the 3. The 3rd one did not get monogrmammed! - you can see the doll dress I made HERE )

Yep - Gonna set the bolcks on-point. I find it easier to sew squares & then trim them. I'm lazy like that.

See all my blocks??? There are like 700 of them!

Row #1 !

Just my mess.....

See y'all later! No promises, but MAYBE I'll have it pieced before our guild meeting in 2 weeks.


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~Joan said...

Happy new year! I'm sure your spool quilt will be lovely.