Friday, January 18, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again ! Sort Of.....

Again, no sewing.

Today was my first day back in the OFFICE in 10 days. Actually got out of pajamas for longer than it takes to go to the doctors office! Ha! An accomplishment.

That FLU kicked my butt. Royally. The ear infections? I am still recuperating. Still on antibiotics for those buggers. It still hurts my teeth when I chew - sounds odd, I know. But it's all connected. Stinking antibiotics do other stuff to you that I am not even going to bother to blog about.

I am so THANKFUL for SO MANY things while I have been ill this past week or so...Incluldng but not limited to: My loving husband & beautiful girls. They put up with my foul moods, my yelling trists & my all around sick self. During , through, before & after all my coughing & puking..... My Employer. I have great benifits & I used a bunch of those this week, I was also allowed to work from home for half the time I was out. (I didn't HAVE TO, I WANTED to...but they ALLOWED me to!) My Dog. Bourbon has been my constant companion & I had to literally peel him off me several times this week. No joke....He even stayed right there with me when I yelled at him for NOTHING. I hate being sick. I really do!

I am still getting over those stinking ear infections. But YAY ME I have my taste back! And I can hear. Sort of.

I got well just in time for our Annual CPR/1st Aid Training on Saturday. Yay.......

I hope I get some sewing time in this weekend. Just some.

Stay Well Y'all!

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