Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Being Sick

Well, I called my doctor this morning. I have not been able to swallow without pain in my ears. Got there at 11AM he says, after sticking a long q-tip down my throat..., that I still negative for strep, but positive for ear infections! Yes, plural. One super bad in my left ear & one almost as bad in my right. They popped me with a shot in my butt & gave me a prescription for antibiotics. 10 more days of pills. Yay me! I hate taking pills. At least it's not a liquid. Heck, I'd puke every time I had to swallow it, if it were!

I hate being sick. And I hate complaining about it too. And....yah, and....I have been the absolute WORST person to be around. Zero personality. I have even yelled at the dog today, and I have not been able to peel him off me for the last week! He knows I don't feel well, so he's staying close! And it's getting on my very last nerve. All I want to be is well. WELL.

Hopefully soon.


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~Joan said...

So sorry to hear you're not 100%. I was sick for 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and can empathize. Hope you're up and about sooner than you can even dream.