Saturday, January 26, 2013

1st Finish For 2013 / Chenille Baby Blanket

Well, it's not a QUILT. IS my first finish for 2013. I started this blanket the 2nd week of January, but then I got the FLU. This weekend is the first weekend that I have felt 100%. Well 98%. Still tire easily, but I just wanted to FINISH something. And I wanted to get it off my sewing table.

This picture shows the channels all sewn & ready to be cut open.
I admit, this was BORING. Very boring....

Sewing the binding on.

This is BEFORE being washed.

AFTER washing.

AFTER washing.

Close up, after washing.

I sewed the binding to the back, turned it to the front & then machine sewed it down. I thought the stitching would be really noticible, but it's not!

I love this print!

I did n't have a pattern. honestly? I didn't figure I needed one. I bought 2 yards of the print flannel to use as the front and the binding. And then I bought 1.25 yards of each yellow, green & pink flannel. I started my diagonal sewing lines at one corner. If I EVER do this again, I think I will start in the center. It was difficult to keep my sewing lines straight. I stopped trying after about getting 20 or more rows sewn. As I expected, the fabric shifts, and becasue I started on one corner (or not, I don't really know...) the edges of the project didn't stay aligned. After I finished sewing the channels, I cut them open. Leaving the print side uncut. I tried using one of those special chenille cutters, I felt like I was tearing the seams apart, so I started using scissors. I cut the print fabric once. I appliqued a little patch over it & you can't see it. You can FEEL it, but you can't SEE it! I got a blister on one of my fingers from the cutting. I had to go really slow so I wouldn't cut the print fabric with the scissors. Flannel cuts easy!

I love the finished project. But I am not jumping on starting another one. While I like the 3 different colors of the chenille part, this is being gifted to a baby girl & I think it would have looked more sweet in just pink & white.

I have seen some of these done on Pinterest in a chevron pattern & I'd like to try that!

Overall I am satisfied with the finished blanket.

Oh yah....remember I said they were 1.25 yards in length? The FINISHED blanket, after sewing, cutting, TRIMMING, washing & drying, it is 35 inches square. How odd is that?



Kath said...

Hello Sam, I just hopped over from Joans and thought I'd say hello. One of the reasons I was drawn to this blog is because I am Mom to 2 skinny dogs LOL
I enjoyed my visit here, best wishes from England, Kath.

Jennifer Jones said...

I tell everyone that wants to try doing chenille about your blanket. you did a great job, it turned out so cute!