Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick With The FLU

Last Tuesday I had scheduled the day off to spend with a group of my freinds. We all got in Sally's van & went down to Alabama to have our sewing machines serviced at Ken's. When I woke up on Tuesday I had a little tickle in my throat. (as of this post? My sewing machine is still in the case on the floor waiting to be used...)

Wednesday that tickle was on FIRE all day while I was at work.

Thursday I stayed home from work & went to the Dr. They swabbed my throat & swabbed my nose. Dr said "Good News & Bad News" - Bad News? Nose swab was positive for the FLU, good news? Throat swab negative for strep. 

I have been IN BED since Thursday. THURSDAY!!! Swallowing has been painful. Coughing has been painful. Sleeping has been painful. My ears ache, my tummy aches, my throat aches, my muscles ache.

This FLU has totally kicked my butt.

Next year? Next Year when they offer FLU shots for free? I'm gonna be first in line.

I feel like I am well enough to go back to work on Tuesday the 15th. I'm not 100%. Far from it. But I'm better. I hope that great ladies I was with last Tuesday didn't get this from me! I got it from someone.....unknown WHO, but I got it from someone....but I wouldn't want to be the one to GIVE it to someone else.


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Mia's Cottage said...

Ask your dr if the shot would have prevented it.. The flus we are getting here are a different strain and drs say shot or no shot, they would have still got it. Feel better!!